Strategic Priorities

Shared Print Retention Program

Our goals for shared print retention are twofold: 

  1. To responsibly reduce the size of local print collections by reducing duplication among the participating libraries so that library space may be freed up for other uses.
  2. To create and maintain a distributed, shared collection of these titles to ensure that circulating copies of them are retained within the group.

Related initiatives include:

  • Prioritized Interlibrary lending between members
  • Shelf Verification Review of retained titles at each institution
  • Retention commitments

Collaborative Collection Development

We seek to coordinate acquisitions with the goal of developing a shared collection among the participants to reduce duplication and to leverage acquisition funds.

Related initiatives include:

  • Sustainable resource purchasing (e.g., joint EBA/DDA plans)
  • Leveraging new digital content to maximize shared access
  • Utilizing GOBI in our Acquisition workflows to reduce duplicate print orders

Facilitating Innovative Services

Through our collaborations, we aim to establish an environment where exploration and additional areas of collaboration can flourish.

Related initiatives include:

  • Exploring opportunities for Shared Discovery (e.g., VuFind)
  • Making our resources more Accessible
  • Advancing OER efforts at our institutions