Governance and Structure

CI-CCI is directed by the Leadership Team, which comprises Library Directors and key library Personnel. The Leadership Team makes all administrative and programmatical decisions for the organization. The Leadership Team meets monthly, with an annual planning summit in the summer. The groups is steered by a Chair and Chair elect, each of which has a two year term.


Chair: Teri Koch, Drake University

Acting Chair-elect: Pam Rees, Grand View University

Chair Elect: Jodie Morin, Buena Vista University

Past Chairs:

  • Beth McMahon, Central College
  • Pam Rees, Grand View University
  • Chris Cox, University of Northern Iowa
  • Rod Henshaw, Drake University

Subcommittees and Task Forces

Acquisitions/Discovery:  Charged with maintaining the integrity of the shared collection. This includes reconfiguration of retention lists when necessary (e.g., lost, missing, discarded items, etc.). It is also charge with developing policies and developing solutions for issues related to acquisition to be presented to the Leadership Team.

Interlibrary loan/Delivery: Charged with to resolving related issues or suggesting changes to Interlibrary Loan/Delivery policy for approval by the Leadership Team. It also monitors the efficiency and average turn around times of materials loaned among members libraries on an annual basis. 

Website: Charged with the maintenance and revision of the organization’s website.